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when is diamonds part 3 coming out

Hopefully soon. ( read last post)

you said you would have diamonds up today yesterday are you going too put it up too night or tomorrow !? p.s love you work xx

Asdfghjkkl. I’m so sorry but it won’t be up for a while. Mom cut the Internet off and I’m on my friends iPad right now. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon, I don’t wanna post a chapter from an iPad because I can’t attach a picture of an outfit to it. Thank you. Xxx

can you please put up diamonds part 3 please thanks xx

I wasn’t home all day so I will tomorrow xx

Happy Halloween! :)
Diamonds. Chapter 2.

I closed the balcony door behind me after entering my apartment.

I made my way into my room and quickly changed into my PJs before heading into the bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my hair.

After that was done I put on cream and headed into the kitchen to warm up a cup of milk with sugar in it before bed time.

It was just something I’ve been doing since I was little, it helped me sleep.

When it was warmed up, I stirred it with my spoon as I made my way to my room.

Crossing the room to my bed, I slipped into it and sat back while I finished my milk.

Once it was finished, I put the cup down and fell asleep quickly.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and crawled out of bed tiredly after slamming my hand down on it to shut it up.

I made my way into the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and tie my hair.

After I was done I went into the kitchen and grabbed one of the cookies my mom made me, made myself a cup of tea and slipped my slippers on to go down and check the mail.

Yawning as I headed down the hall towards the stairs, I took a big bite out of my cookie and then a small, careful, sip of my tea.

When I got to the bottom of the steps, my cookie was done.

Except for the little piece that had decided to fall into my tea.

Oh well.

I took a big sip and yawned right after I pulled the cup away from my lips.

I scratched my head and looked up to see the same curly haired boy from yesterday, checking the mail.

I smiled tiredly and walked over to him, well… the mail boxes.

"Good morning." I said to him as I opened my mail box, fishing out all the envelops that were inside and looking through them, throwing the useless add thingies onto the floor with the rest of them.

"Morning." I could feel him glance at me.

And when I turned to look at him, he was looking me over.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at him.

"A picture will last longer, you know." I told him and he looked up at me, blinking once.

For a few moments we were both quiet and just stared at each other.

Then he smiled and said, “I’m Harry.”

I nodded at him and smiled back.

"Leo. I’d shake your hand, but my hands are kind of occupied at the moment."

I laughed and so did he.

"I’m gonna go. I’ve got to get ready and head to school, so… I’ll see you later, or something." I smiled and turned away, heading towards the stairs.

"When do you finish?" I heard him ask.

"Around 2:30."

"Would you like to hang out with me and my mates later?" he asked.

"Sure, that’d be nice." I smiled to myself as I continued to the stairs.

"Apartment 514, see you then." I could hear the smile on his face and I took a sip of my tea.

"Alright." I said too quietly for him to hear, and right when I stepped onto the stairs I heard him speak again.

"Nice ass." I narrowed my eyebrows but then realized I had nothing but undies and a shirt on.

I looked back at my ass and then at him.

"Kiss it." I gave it a slap and laughed at his face.


I shook my head and looked forward, jogging up the stairs laughing with my tea still in my hands.

Diamonds. Chapter 1.

"Thank you, ma." I bent over and leaned in to give my mom a kiss on the cheek.

"You’re welcome baby." she smiled and I gave her one big kiss on the cheek, receiving two in return.

I backed away from the car and watched as she drove away.

"Bye! I love you!!!" I yelled and waved at her until she was out of my sight.

I dropped my arm to my side and turned around to head back into the building.

As I made my way up the stairs, I slipped my middle and index finger into the brown paper bag and took out a cookie.

I took a big bite out of it and my body slumped a little at how delicious it was.

Just like an orgasm in my mouth!

When I looked up, someone was walking out of the building and held open the door for me.

I smiled brightly at the curly haired boy. “Thank you!” I said.

All he did was grin, nod, and look at me as he exited the building.

I shrugged slightly and skipped towards the stairs, taking a huge bite out of my cookie.

I ran up the stairs; loosing calories. I ate my cookie while I did that; gaining calories.

My thoughts weren’t making sense to me, so I just took another cookie out and shoved most of it into my mouth.

I jogged down the hallway to my apartment and reached back to take my keys from my back pocket.

That’s when I realized my shorts didn’t have pockets. And I didn’t have my keys.

I locked myself out of my own apartment. Only I would manage to do that.

I sighed deeply and cursed “fuck” under my breath.

I took a bite out of my cookie and chewed it a few times before swallowing, grimacing at how much it hurt to swallow the not-well-chewed cookie.

I turned to the apartment parallel to mine and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, a guy with a shaved head opened the door and looked me over before stopping at my face.

"Yes?" he smiled at me warmly.

I smiled back, nervously. “Can I…,” I cleared my throat and let out a small laugh.

"Can I use your balcony?" I pressed my lips together until he replied.

"Um, sure. For what, if you don’t mind me asking?" he asked.

"To climb over onto mine. I kind of locked myself out of my apartment." I told him and laugh.

He laughed along with me and we laughed for a few more seconds until he spoke again.

"Yeah, sure. Of course. Come on in." he stepped back and opened the door wider to let me in.

"Thank you so much!" I beamed at him and walked inside.

"Who was that, Li?" An Irish accent boomed, growing louder and louder until the person was in the same room and staggered a step back before stopping.

He looked at me and I looked right back at him, smiling.

"Hi! I’m Leo, can you show me where your balcony is?" I asked.

He blinked a few times before nodding slowly. “Sure. I’m Niall.”

With that he turned around, and disappeared through a door and I followed.

"I’m Liam, by the way!" the guy that answered the door called out from behind me and I smiled at him.

"Leo!" I told him before entering the room Niall was in and followed him out to the balcony.

As I followed him out to the balcony, I passed two guys on the way.

"Who’s that?" the one with light brown hair asked Niall, motioning to me with his hand as Niall looked back at him and quickly glanced at me.

"Leo. She needs to… use our balcony." It came out as more of a question than a statement.

"Ah… okay." he looked a bit confused but his face lit up shortly after and he stood up, following behind us.

"I’m Louis and this tanned, sexy, one is Zayn." He ruffled Zayn’s hair with his hand Zayn shoved him slightly, smiling.

"Nice to meet you guys. I’m Leo… like Niall said." I looked forward and stepped out onto the balcony, shivering slightly when the cool air hit my skin.

I walked over to the railing that separated our balconies and turned to Zayn, since he was the one closest to me.

"Can you hold this for me please?" I asked, reaching the brown paper bag of cookies out to him.

He nodded and took it.

I smiled at him and stepped onto the chair leaning against it.

With one foot on the chair and the other on the railing, I turned a bit and put my hand out for the cookies.

Zayn came over and handed it to me. “Thanks.” I said quietly and smiled at him.

I moved my other foot onto the railing and jumped off, landing on my feet perfectly but with a little thud.

I jogged over to my open balcony door and looked over at them.

"Thanks for letting me use your balcony!" I laughed.

"Good night guys." I smiled at them and headed into my apartment, without even waiting for them to say good night to me in return.


we’ve made eye contact at least twice this month just date me already

hi i was wondering in whine and chocolate, what is beauty grue (idk how to spell it). like she seems rich and i was wondering like what is her job

A beauty guru is well, what it sounds like. She makes YouTube videos about fashion and all that crap, makes makeup tutorials and yeah. She doesn’t have a job, her parents pay for everything.

Hope that helped!

Updating soon (not today though)!

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